Sports in Bucharest

Football is by far the country's most popular sport, and Bucharest has many stadiums and teams in the national professional league. Sports in which Romania has qualified well in competitions are tennis, gymnastics, handball and fencing.

Most public parks in residential neighborhoods have specifically designated areas where people can play team sports like football, tennis or table tennis. There are also private courts scattered throughout the city, and they can generally be rented for a fee.

Rollerblading and cycling have become increasingly popular, especially among teens and young people. There are no areas specifically for rollerblading, but it can be practiced in most parks. Cycling in Bucharest is less easy than in other European capitals due to the unavailability of biking lanes. However, there are a number of easy cycling routes in the outskirts of the city, making for an attractive week-end escapade.

There is a plethora of gyms and fitness studios all over Bucharest, making up for the relative lack of exercising options during the cold months. Many have world-class facilities and highly qualified trainers, and some even offer alternative classes (e.g. zumba, aerobics, martial arts lessons, pilates, cross-fit etc.).

Bucharest has a long and prestigious history within sport and what better place to start than football. Football is by far the country's most popular sport, and Bucharest has stadiums and teams in the national professional league. There are various sports that are played and followed in Bucharest. Aside from football, other popular and most played sports include handball, basketball, rugby union, tennis and gymnastics.

Sports university in Bucharest

You can join a sports class at a specialized university.

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports (FEFS) has been carrying out its activity for more than 9 decades (since 1923) and has always been integrated into the structure of the National University of Physical Education and Sports (UNEFS).

Students sports activities in Bucharest

In Bucharest you find spaces that will help you either maintain a healthy lifestyle or achieve your sport goals.

The place where you can do sports activities in Bucharest:


Bicycle Hire


Bucharest Football


Students & Sport's Activities


Golf & Country Clubs



ice skating

Ice skating in Bucharest



ice skating

Water Parks, Swimming Pools & Country Club

Sports facilities in Romania

You can search for activities organized by the National Sports Federations . Don't miss the student camps that are organized! The distribution of places in student camps can be viewed here .


If you are passionate about a sport, you can participate in our athletics, football, basketball, volleyball and more tournaments.

Bucharest at major events

Bucharest International Marathon is the biggest street international sport event hosted by the Romanian capital. The competition is internationally homologated, officially included on the list of street world marathons and affiliated to International Association of Street Marathons.

Other events: Romania at the Summer Olympics; Romania at the Winter Olympics; Romania at the FIFA World Cup; Romania at the Rugby World Cup etc.

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