Bucharest is a safe place to live and study

How safe is Bucharest?

Many travelers may wonder how safe Bucharest really is. We’re here to share everything you need to know about safety in the city.

Safety on the street

Everyone can wander around and explore our city without any safety issues being involved. While a very safe city, we do recommend staying in the city center once night falls as it is always police protected and extremely lively.

Payment safety

It is absolutely secure to make payments with your card just about everywhere.

Public transportation safety

Place your goods where you can keep an eye on them and pay attention to your surroundings. You may also want to avoid travelling during rush hour as the buses, trams, and subways can get extremely crowded. As for taxis, it is safe to hop in any authorized metered cab. Licensed taxis are yellow, have a sign on their roof to indicate if they are free or not, and the price per kilometer is clearly indicated on the side of the car.

Please be informed that the Romanian police force keeps a visual presence on city streets, especially in busy areas. In an emergency call 112 for Police, Ambulance or Fire Services.

The 2020 Numbeo Safety Index, indicates for Bucharest out of 100 points, as seen here .
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