Application guide

How to apply for a study programme in Bucharest?

Applying to study in Bucharest is pretty easy. We’ve created a basic guide to the application process.

1 Find a programme

You'll need to enroll in a study programme. What you’ve got to do first is find a programme. Sounds simple, right? We’ve put together a list of all the bachelor’s and master’s programmes on offer. So all you need to do is figure out what you want. What your passion is. And then find a programme to match.

2 Check the admission requirements

Follow this application process, double check the deadlines, and you’ll be sorted for studying in Bucharest.

Courses can vary considerably, so check what’s required from your education provider, paying close attention to the closing dates. Pretty much all of our English-taught programmes start in the autumn semester. The academic year in Romania is split into two semesters:

  • Winter semester (October to January);

  • Summer semester (February to June).

  • International organizations.

Do you have a question about a calendar? Get in touch with the university directly. There are a few other dates and deadlines you’ll need to keep in mind.

3 General entry requirements: the language requirements

In order to be enrolled in an English programme at a Romanian university, it is essential that you are proficient in a foreign language. If English is not your first language, evidence of passing an English test such as IELTS or Cambridge English is usually required.

4 Consider a Preparatory Year of Romanian Language

If you’re not quite there yet, your letter of acceptance allows you to come to Bucharest for a year prior to your studies to take a preparatory course. Find out more about the preparatory year.

5 Specific entry requirements: study programmes

You may need to meet some specific entry reqruirements too. You’ll find them listed on the programme’s webapge. Navigate there through our programme listing!

6 Search for a scholarship

Get some assistance with your course fees by applying for scholarships. It is worth contacting the Romanian embassy in your home country to see which grants and funding possibilities are open to you.

7 Accept your letter of acceptance and receive confirmation of enrolment

The university will keep you informed on course start dates and how to pay the first instalment of your tuition fees.

8 Apply for your visa and residence permit

This depends on which country you’re from. Check out steps Student visa and entry requirements for students in Bucharest.

9 Formalities upon arrives

Depending on your status, the length of your studies or your budget, you can choose between renting a room in a university residence. Regarding the essential information about accommodation get in touch with the university directly.

10 Pack your bags/Get ready to go

You’re on your way to study in Bucharest!

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