About higher education


The Romanian higher education sector is organized in universities, study academies, institutes, higher studies schools, referred to as higher education institutions or universities, temporarily authorized or certified.

The high school graduates with a high school diploma can enroll in the higher education system. The admission conditions are different from one institution to another.

The structure of the higher education reflects the principles of the Bologna process.

degree Degrees

bachelor degree

Bachelor studies

  • 3 years for Sciences, Humanities, Social and Economic, Law, Political Science, Fine Arts, and Sports;

  • 4 years for Technological Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry;

  • 5/6 years for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Veterinary or Architectural studies.

master degree

Master studies

  • 2 years

doctoral degree

Doctoral studies

  • 3 years (except medical school)

doctoral degree

Postdoctoral studies

  • minimum 3 months

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