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Romanian language preparatory year

With the Romanian language preparatory year, you will experience an intensive 2-semester program, full of fun and challenges where you will meet interesting people from all over the world and you can delve into the culture with the support of fantastic and helpful teachers.

Romanian language classes are organised in different universities within dedicated departments. The preparatory language programme takes a full year for undergraduate students, however for post graduate study, the course takes six months.

If you are interested in the preparatory course for learning Romanian you must apply either for a higher education programme and specify that you want to undergo a preparatory year first or directly for the preparatory year. Make sure you apply in due time – it is advised to start the application process according to the university regulations, given the fact that the academic year starts the first week of October.

The following universities organise the preparatory year for Romanian language learning (as listed on Ministry of Education and Research website ):

The Romanian preparatory year to study in Romania (university study) also called Romanian language course is divided into 2 semesters. During the first semester, the students study Romanian language. During the second semester, they study not only Romanian language, but also subjects’ relatives to their option (study) they will follow at university.

For instance, for students who are going to study medicine in Romanian language, during the preparatory year, they will have also subject such us biology, chemistry, biophysics, etc.

Who can learn Romanian language?

Students who would like to follow the Romanian language program

In Romania, you can study in English, French or even in German. If the major you are interested in does not exist in those languages but in Romanian only, you can follow a one-year program of Romanian language.

Students applying to postgraduate programs

Postgraduate training (residency) in medicine is given only in Romanian.

Medical students

Medical students (general medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) in French or in English: during the first three years, along with medical studies, they also learn Romanian language so once on their 4th year, they are able to speak fluent Romanian. From the 4th year, all students need to speak Romanian language for their medical internship in hospitals.

Citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area or Swiss Confederation

Citizens of the EU, EEA or Switzerland, who would like to benefit of financial assistance from the Romanian Government, must attend Romanian programs. They must learn Romanian and enroll to a Romanian Language Program, before applying to a university.

Student who would like to study in Romanian language in Romania.
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