Studies in foreign languages

Romania has one of the highest rates of foreign language proficiency in the world, and in Bucharest this is more the case than anywhere else.

Not only can go you go about day-to-day tasks without speaking the local language, but more than 300 study programmes are offered in English.

According to the European Commission statistics, 98% of the Romanian students studied two or more foreign languages in upper secondary education (ISCED level 3) (Eurostat, 2018).

Study programmes taught in English, French and German

Bucharest has always had a forward-thinking outlook and prides itself on being an international city. As a result, you will find a variety of Bachelor, Master and other study programmes that are taught in English, French and German (that means that all lectures, exams and course materials are too).

The majority of campus staff are multi-lingual, and you will never be short of someone to translate, should the need arise.

Also, some universities collaborate with foreign lecturers who teach subjects in their native language - English, French, German.stu In addition to the educational activities, the lecturers engage in extra-curricular activities, such as summer schools, international events in which they present the culture of the native language.

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